Healthy Tuna Salad

ensalada de atun y palta

Hi everyone, yesterady I was a guest blogger in my sis blog Club Nutricional, it’s a wonderful blog about healthy lifestyle and delicious food, with recipes. You can go there if you speak spanish there’s all the info in spanish. But if you speak English I translated here to you.

What I bring today is a very quick and easy tip to make a healthy tuna salad, usually when we prepare tuna we mix it with mayonnaise.
Instead, what you can do is crush avocado then mix it with the tuna, you can put a little salt and pepper. With this mixture you can make a salad with various vegetables. The avocado gives it the moisture that before the mayonnaise gave to it with the difference that’s more healthy.

Per tablespoon, avocado has ¼ the calories of regular mayo.

Hope you like it, then tell me, how they came out?

PD. Later I’m gonna post an outfit post, stary tune.

Andrea Garland

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