Yellow Neon Nails

I received as a christmas present a Trio set of Nail Polish from an aunt, the trio set is from Forever 21. It has 3 colors: a yellow neon, a kind of fucshia/plum and a teal color.
This time I painted my nails with the yellow neon color, like it’s a light color you have to paint several coats I painted 3 coats to have a nice finished.

I think neon colors are perfect for summer or the beach, what do you think?.

Andrea Garland

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4 Responses to “Yellow Neon Nails”

  1. Agus says:

    Genial! me encanta el color, y que contraste con la arena!
    Besos (:

  2. Quedaron geniales! Realmente son color neon lo que es difícil encontrar