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cards magazine july published thank you card

**Drum roll** please…

cards magazine july published thank you card

cards magazine july published thank you card

Yes!!! I’m a Published Designer. I was having this dream for several months after submitting my cards to the magazine so one day I opened my email on my phone and read the title and my heartbeat stopped and then I was jumping through all the house withno one to tell only Tormenta and Rayo lol.

I immediatly called my family and told them, they were so happy and me too. Since that day I was looking forward to July and July came and the magazine is on the newstands so you can buy the physical issue or the digital one here.

I’m so happy I can share with you this wonderful news, July is a wonderful month with this and the news that I’m a 10 minute Craft Dash Designer.

Andrea Garland

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  1. Leigh Penner says:

    Oh, congratulations, Andrea! I’m so happy for you! I have a card in this issue, too!

  2. Paulina says:

    That is SO exciting! I believe this is the last issue with print copies too, so that makes it even more special! :) Congratulations Andrea!

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