10 Minute Craft Dash Birthday Bash (blog hop)

Supplies: Orange foam, birthday hat template, pre-cut foam stars from different colors, orange hair band, silicone glue, blue embroidery thread.

Hello everyone, I’m so happy that Paulina is celebrating their Craft Dash Birthday Bash, I’m so lucky to be in the Design Team. To celebrate this fabulous 1st year we’re having a PARTY!!! woooho with many guest designers which is equal to many great inspirational ideas and LOTS of Prizes. Shall we begin?

You should have arrived from Jennifer Rzasa‘s blog, but if you get lost you can go to Pretty Pink Posh blog for the entire list of designers.

For this Birthday Bash, I could make a card but I was in need for a birthday hat for Rayo.

I don’t have kids but my kids are my 2 Jack Russells, so when their Birthdays are coming I try to prepare something special for them, I made a while ago a pink birthday hat for Tormenta and every single year in her birthday I took a photo of her with her hat so I can have a history of her birthdays, I made the same thing with Rayo but Rayo have a paper hat ( like Tormenta’s hat before the pink one) but paper is a very weak material for dogs not for humans lol. So my mission was to make a birthday hat for Rayo from foam.

The challenge is to make the project in 10 minutes or less for that reason I put my materials outside. I used a birthday hat template to cut the shape on the orange foam then I glued the two ends and wait a few seconds and put a clothepin to secure it so I could have my two hands free to keep working while the glue dries. I make the pom pom with two of my fingers, wrapping around the embroidery thread many times, as many times you wrap the thread you will get a fuller pom pom. When I finished the pom pom I adhered it to the top of the hat and also adhered the foam stars.

The final step was cutting the hair band in two pieces and make a knot inside the two holes and tie the two ends. Thank god I finished on time lol, the pom pom was the item I spent the most of the time doing it.

My time was:

If you’re still with me I have a surprise and what prizes you can win in this blog hop, are you ready???

I have photos of Tormenta and Rayo using their Hats, are you prepared for lots of cuteness.

You can WIN this:

Ah-mazing PRIZES!!! right? if you want to participate in the challenge to win the grand prize you have to link your creations on the Pretty Pink Posh blog and to win the other prizes you have to comment on the blogs, if you want more chances to win comment in every single blog on the list lol.
Good luck, hope you had fun here and if you want to continue looking at my work you can follow me in any of my social media accounts or subscribe to received email on my blog.

But now you can continue the blog hop with Julie Ebersole‘s blog.
Andrea Garland

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342 Responses to “10 Minute Craft Dash Birthday Bash (blog hop)”

  1. rkokes says:

    fun hats!

  2. These are absolutely adorable!!!

  3. Cynthia Rose says:

    I am so impressed that you have a bilingual blog. I can’t even manage to keep up a blog in one language. My two dogs have special hats but they never sit still long enough with the hats on for a photo.

  4. Piali says:

    Super fun project!!!

  5. Ruth G says:

    So very fun! A great idea, especially for dogs who happen to be patient! Thanks so much for bringing a smile to my face this evening!

  6. Marie says:

    Such a super fun project! TFS =)

  7. ~Tammy~ says:

    How fun and I love that you made hats! So stinkin’ cute!

  8. DisneyLisa says:

    Aww. Such cuties.

  9. Amy Seigler says:

    OMG!!! I love it! Your photos of Tormenta and Rayo are So CUTE!!!! We love to take pictures of our two dogs as well. Every Christmas we put a Santa hat on them just for picture taking. They don’t always like it but my son gets a kick out of getting the picture with them.

  10. oh my, the look on your pups’ faces! too cute and funny!

  11. jenny Martin says:

    Omgosh! I love your hats and I adore your puppies! I have a jack russell and one other crazy pup – might have to borrow your idea!

  12. Lorraine M says:

    very fun and cute!

  13. Emily H says:

    So much fun!! Love the party hats!

  14. Oh my how cute! I too have dogs for kids, and this is sooooo cute!

  15. maria f. says:

    Just too cute – especially when I see the hat owners!

  16. Irene Grau says:

    Those are so cute. Love the pups, too.

  17. Amy Struthers says:

    Party hats – haven’t seen them in a while for the birthday’s that we have been too. These are too cute and would be so cool to wear them to a party or it would be more fun to take the cute pups wearing them. Thanks for the fun inspiration.

  18. Brenda Haskin says:

    What sweet pups. That is just plain fun! Thanks for sharing a quick fun idea!

  19. Jennifer Dykes says:

    How adorable!

  20. ceal says:

    super fun hats for cute puppies!

  21. Barb Murphy says:

    omg how adorable are they in their little hats?! i love the idea of making a party hat…wouldn’t ever have thought to do so.

  22. Cristine Redmond says:

    Super cute party hats and even more cute models! Love this!