I’m a second child of two wonderful parents, I’ve enjoyed being the little one thanks to my big sister.

I have always been an energetic person because of that I put a lot of passion for the things I do and like; some of those things are:

– Dance
– Paint
– Crafts
– Laugh: hard & loud
– Run
– Dogs
– Healthy Food
– Decor
– Travel
– Scrabble
– Walks & Sunsets
– Desserts
– Sew

I decided to study arquitecture and then advertising graphic design.

I want to learn how to sew and also speak italian.

I began this blog because I wanted to shared my passion for fashion, art and my life.

I reach an eternal dream since I was so little I always wanted so badly a dog, because I’m a dog lover. And on October 15th , 2010 that dream came true, I found Tormenta and she found me. Exactly how I dreamt her, she came with an addition, Rayo.

“Dreams come true, you only have to know exactly what you want and won’t let anyone steal your dreams, because one day you’ll reach them.”

I’m working in another dream, soon I’m going to release my online shop with my creations.

Keep coming because this colorful journey is about to begin.

*Si quieres leerlo en español haz click aquí.

Andrea Garland